Richard Deraine

For years I have spent time in the mountains with hunters, gold mining, tramping and just being out there. With a back ground in physics , geology one can not help but having the elements of mass and distance in your character, life. One cannot help but overflow with the beauty that surrounds it all. I try to bring wonder, power, and beauty from all that onto canvas.

Myself I have an appreciation of creation, the universe, the stars, the mountains, the trees…

I’m 55 now and settled enough for this journey to flow out of me and there is so much to come out.

I have a house in Christchurch and a house in Blackbal with the Gallery called the, “House of Art”, under Deraine.

This is where my artist side kicks in and the coast is reserved just for that and people who want to be taught or stay for an artist retreat.

I venture into the surrealism side of mass and space as well. Again I address this in this form of art which begs expansion and development.

My enemy is time and I only hope to have the corners of each picture poking through the walls where they seek the universe to swallow them and manifest in view of creation itself.

This journey is only the beginning the multidimensional of it hopefully can be captured like a reflections of a chandelier through it.