Marilyn Andrews

Marilyn Andrews is a Nelson artist who has been a full time painter for twenty years. She works in her home based studio in Nelson beside the Brook Stream and has been included in several NZ art publications. She completed a Diploma in Visual Arts in 1993 at Nelson Institute of Technology, and received a QEII Arts Grant in 1994. Andrews enjoys the vibrancy of colour and plays with shapes, colours and textures on the canvas surface.
She likes the work of Kandinsky, Munter, Monet, Klimt, and New Zealand painters Lusk and Woollaston. Andrews has been a finalist in the Wearable Arts Awards, Telecom Art awards, winner of the Yellow Pages Arts Scholarship in 2003, and the National Fibre Awards Exhibition.
Andrews has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and England and has work in collections all over the world.
Andrews travels internationally and within NZ and this has inspired her painting. She is influenced by the effect humans have on the landscape and environment, sometimes avoiding any reference to human habitation and looking for nature in its purest sense, other times enjoying the interaction.
Recently she has enjoyed going back to process work, experimenting with colour layering, printing in a rustic way and constructing using individual elements.