Jason McCormick

In recent years, Jason McCormick’s art practice has shifted from being primarily focused on painting to involving ‘constructed photography.’ This entails building intricate and precise scale models of structures and then photographing the model in various constructed compositions. These end up either as stills or as stop-motion moving images.

Interested in the themes of ‘power and control’, McCormick explains that he is concerned with how his artworks might draw attention to false or misleading impression of reality.

My work considers how, through the process of model making, illusion can manifest on a number of levels. From the idea of the illusion of power, the illusion of dimension – large to small and back again – to the illusion of authenticity. This draws attention to and reflects the artwork’s intention to unmask the reality of corporate power and control using intentionally illusory strategies and processes.

Trying not to be overly didactic, my aim is to elicit a certain feeling from the viewer that all is not as it seems.

Jason McCormick was born in Blenheim and currently lives in Nelson. He holds a MA, First Class Honours, in Visual Arts from AUT and a Bachelor of Arts and Media from NMIT. His artworks are in collections in New Zealand and abroad including Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Middle East and Australia.